55 lakh workers to benefit from increased minimum wages, says Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: 55 lakh contractual workers to benefit and Delhi government gives the highest minimum wages anywhere in the country said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Earlier, Supreme Court had approved the Delhi government’s plan for revised minimum wages and paved way for it to issue a fresh notification for the same. National minimum wage is ₹4,628 per month while in Delhi, it is ₹14,842 per month.

As per the latest notification, unskilled workers will now get ₹14,842 per month, for semi-skilled workers, it is ₹16,341 per month and for skilled workers, it will be ₹17,991.

He further provided the details list of other states on minimum wage and said, “Unskilled labour getting minimum wage in Uttar Pradesh Rs 5750, in Haryana Rs 8827, in Gujarat Rs 8890, in Jharkhand Rs 6495 and in Delhi we are providing Rs 14842 per month.”

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