5 tips for a entertainment evening with your friends

Spending time with your girlfriends is always a good time. Hanging out, talking about whatever comes to mind, whether it’s annoying (or wonderful) husbands or partners, work stuff, or just plain old gossip, the hours often just rush by. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do though, as it might get old doing the same stuff each time you are together. Well, if you are feeling like you could use some new inspiration for your upcoming girls nights, then keep on reading and see if you get some new inspiration. 

Play games 

If you are looking to have a fun night with your friends, then it’s always a great idea to play a game. There are so many options as to what you can play, it’s all up to you and what you are in the mood for. You can do charades, Monopoly, play cards or maybe a more tactical game. Online games are getting more and more popular and there is a wide variety here as well. For instance playing online casino can be lots of fun and it’s easy to do together. There are a bunch of fun games you can find online. You can also play games on Playstation, Xbox or maybe Wii. They all have some great games where you can dance, sing or do sports in real life which then transfers to the TV. According to an article from BBC there’s even a bunch of reasons as why playing games online is good for you. So go nuts with the games and have fun. 

Cook together

Cooking with other people is always a fun thing to do. Find your favorite recipes and cook them together. You can even start your own cooking club and maybe make it a weekly appointment where you go to each other’s houses. You can also make it a bit more fancy and have one person host, cook and maybe come up with a drink, and then you can score each other’s meals and make it into a competition. You may not be cooking together in this scenario but there is no doubt that you will enjoy yourselves and spend some quality time together eating and talking. Whatever you end up doing you will definitely have a lot of fun together. 

Swap clothes 

Admit it. You have a bunch of clothes in your closet you never use even though it is perfectly fine and maybe even unused. Why not make good use of each other’s clothes and do a swap so you get something your friend might never use, but which you totally love. Give the clothes new life, have a blast and save some money at the same time. It can be really fun to look through other people’s closets and find something awesome which they never use. That way you and your friends can save yourself a shopping trip and still feel like you get some brand new clothes. As a bonus it’s also good for the environment when you recycle clothes and buy or swap to used clothes instead of buying it brand new. So get your friends in on it and help each other clean out your closets. 

Go out 

OK sure, going out is quite a broad term but there really are so many great things to do as well. You can go somewhere to eat and have a girls night out, go shopping, maybe on a day trip to somewhere? You can also try something more actionpacked and do laser tag, try an escape room or go to an amusement park. Whatever you do, you will surely have a great time with your friends. After all, it’s all about being together and getting some new memories to reminisce about in the future. Remember to take loads of pictures when you are out doing fun stuff. Afterwards you can print them out so you can always look back at your fun times together. 

Do a sleepover

Depending on your age it might have been quite a while since you have done a real sleepover with your friends. You might think that it’s only something young girls do but why not have a great night with all your favorite snacks, movies and friends – that really doesn’t sound that bad. So get out your pajamas, snacks and maybe a drink or two and have a ball. Do your nails, put on a face mask, gossip and discuss everything under the sun. Then find your favorite movie(s) or TV-show and cuddle up with your covers and pillows. You will for sure be in for a great night with your friends if you decide to do a full on sleepover. It’s a great way to relax and forget about the stress and responsibilities in your everyday life.

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