5 Sandal Styles for a Cool and Comfortable Summer

When summer arrives, one must be careful of the footwear one picks. When combined with the wrong footwear, heat, sweat, and humidity can cause severe feet infection. All these problems can be avoided by opting for comfortable sandals in summer.

However, by comfortable, we do not mean dull. Many trendy summer footwear will keep both your feet and the fashion police happy. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of five fashionable mens sandals and ladies’ chappals to keep your feet cool this summer.


Slip-on is one of the most comfortable summer footwear for men and women. They are light and perfect for everyday wear. Casual slip-on slippers can be worn on many occasions. Most people limit slip-on slippers to indoor use or nearby places. However, slip-on also comes in stylish designs to be worn during outings. Even celebrities are seen donning slip-on on many occasions.

Flip flops are the most common kind of slip-on slippers. They are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, a plastic polymer, and have rubber soles. Flip flops are available in many vibrant colours that you can easily match with your colourful summer ensemble. Lightweight and open, these slippers will keep your feet cool all day long.

Crocs or Rubber Floater Sandals

Crocs are another comfortable summer wear that most people love. Their spacious footbed and supporting heel strap make them perfect wear for long walks. Crocs started as popular gardening and beachwear. However, their charm has increased over the years, and they’ve now become a trendy foot accessory. Several Hollywood stars have been seen rocking the cool summer footwear.

Crocs are versatile footwear that you can style for many occasions. They are the go-to choice when going out to run errands. Since they were initially designed as boating shoes, they’re the best option for water-based activities. Made of rubber material, they tend to dry quickly and can be worn in water without worrying. Unlike other shoes, they are easy to wash and do not leave a stain. Hence they can be your trusted partner while gardening.

Besides being useful and handy, crocs have also increased their fashion quotient. Statement crocs are available nowadays in different styles and colours that can be worn for fancy events. You can wear them with denim, shorts, or monochrome outfits. Try crocs instead of sneakers with your casuals next time and see how many heads you can turn.

Leather Men’s Sandal

Leather is a refined choice for men’s sandals that perfectly match the summer season. Their open designs give room for your feet to breathe. They are lightweight, cool, and can adapt to several ensembles- semi-formal or casual.

Pair your leather sandals with shirts and cotton trousers for a semi-formal look. Just match the colour of your belt with that of your pants to give the smart-casual vibe. Leather sandals can also be worn casually with t-shirts and denim.

Leather shoes perfectly complement men’s kurta. Pair kurta with denim and finish the look with classy Kolhapuri leather sandals for men. Go for a classic black or brown colour that can match most of your wardrobe.

Flat Sandals for Women

Flat sandals are a boon for ladies during the hot summer months. With fashionable sandals, they can keep their heels aside for as long as possible. There are many options available when it comes to flat sandals for women. From gladiators to strings and strappy ones, flat sandals can give your desired stylish look without compromising comfort.

Flat sandals can be worn with jeans, pants, dresses, or skirts. They also match well with traditional wear such as Kurtis and suits. The Kolhapuri ladies chappals is many women’s favourite ethnic footwear. These quintessential footwear match fashion with comfort and are preferred by women of all ages. You can also pair your ethnic wear with embellished or bejewelled flat sandals.

The best thing about flat sandals is that they beautifully reveal your pretty feet. So let your feet get both fresh air and attention with chic flat sandals this summer.

Sports and Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals combine the best features of sandals and hiking shoes to give you a comfortable outdoor experience. They give you the breathability and freedom of sandals but with the grip of the hiking shoes. Good quality hiking shoes come with adjustable design and stability to last for long. Most of these are water-resistant and perfect for low-key to moderate outdoor activities. They are a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Most hiking sandals are unisex and can be worn by both men and women alike. But women need not limit hiking shoes to the trail. They can also be worn casually with dresses and skirts if they’re chick enough.

To Conclude

The men’s sandal and ladies’ chappal mentioned above are some of the most trending footwear of the season. So, search for dil ke deals online and get them today for a comfortable and stylish summer ahead.


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