5 Healthy Ways To Use Social Media

    By Shrey Siddharth

    Social media came in as a boon to this entire generation. It has brought the world together on one screen in a matter of seconds. Over a very short period of time social media had a huge coverage around the globe across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. But how many times do we dig deeper and keep a track over what we do on social media. Do we control the flow of information that we consume through social media? Or is the Social media controlling us all along? Lately, we have seen many people being engaged and addicted to the overuse of social media that didn’t lead to desirable consequences. Here are 5 healthy ways to use social media..

    1. Increase our network:-
    Social media has been a really handy tool to build a network by connecting with people in every corner of the world. It not only helps us to connect with family and friends who live in a distant place but also to interact with new people and have a vivid conversation.

    2. Support and appreciate quality content:-
    Your social media handle might be cluttered with a bunch of random content if you don’t pick and choose what you want to see. Although hard to find, but there are quality content out there produced by creators which could be entertaining or informative or thoughtful in nature that takes time and effort to put together. These are the kind of content which necessarily needs the outreach of the mass. It is often a good idea to follow promising creators who deliver quality content continuously. Consuming and communicating the good work of content creators would be a nice thing to do on social media.

    3. Spreading positivity:-
    A massive bulk of posts on social media in simply filled with negativity and outright hatred. Trolling, distasteful comments and mindless threatening to have been on an all time high. You must take into account how you react towards a given post, i.e., your comments and replies. You never really know how one negative comment or post could affect a person’s mental health. Once posted, it can’t be taken off. We all need to be a little more responsible with what we post and give our best to spread positivity. If you cannot appreciate good content or spread positivity, you must not spread negativity either.

    4. Social media as a Reward system:-
    When you return from a tough day at work or you accomplish an important task, using social media could act as a great source of relaxation. Due to its engaging nature, we tend to overuse our social media without any awareness about time. But if we associate access to social media as an incentive after a gruesome day at work or achieving something productive within a specific time frame would be a nice tactic to use our social media.

    5. Make yourself visible:-
    Social media gives you the best platform and opportunity to showcase your talent, perform your hobby or leisure activity and give a glimpse of your life. It could also act as a vital tool to promote about your profession to a wider audience. Many companies use social media as a platform to communicate about their products or services.

    Social media has its fare share of boon and bane. Nonetheless, it is filled with content that you want to see. Therefore in the end, it is your choice to use it the way you want and how effectively you use it.


    Picture credit- Shutterstock