The 5-day “Incredible India” festive program concludes with patriotism

New Delhi: A 5-day “Incredible India” program was organized at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk, Delhi. Various disciplines of Indian culture were presented in the festival. Which included classical and folk dances, music, Indian cuisine and painting.
In this program, Shri Indrajit Grover, director of NCZCC, inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp with all the artists.
The program was started with the Qawwali singing by the famous Ustad Yusuf Khan Nizami and his group of Delhi. India knows them as Nizami Brothers. Ustad Khan is related to the famous Qawwali singer’s Sikandarabad Gharana. The presentation started with Sufi patriotism in which Prem Ki Gaya Prem Ibadat Hai came and then after Chaap Tilak. The Nizami brothers won the audience’s heart.
Ustad Yusuf Khan Nizami has won the heart of the audience from his qawwali throughout the world.
After this Kathak Ballet was presented as per the direction of Shri Jaikishan Maharaj. In which the first presentation was presented by 8 total performers respectively first one was Kramshah and another one was Megh Malhar. It depicts the lines of kathak attached to the cloud and its sense of humor and elegance. Mr. Jay Kishan Maharaj is from the famous Kathak family of the country, which is known as ‘Kalika-Bindadin Gharana’ of Lucknow. Mr. Jay Kishan is the son of Padma Vibhushan, Birju Maharaj. During the program Shri Jai Kishan Maharaj requested the country that the country will have to recognize the extinct heritage.

After this program, Odissi was danced by Ms. Alpana Nayak and the group. Ms. Alpana Nayak is one of the select few actors of Odissi dance, which provides education to Indian students of Indian classical and folk dances for Divine children for development in society. Ms. Alpana has contributed immensely in promoting new compositions in Odyssey style in India and abroad.
After this program, folk dance of all the states has been done. 16 artists of Assam have performed bihu and Vardei shikhla dance. This dance is also done at different levels of harvesting and on the arrival of new seasons. Varadei Shikhla dance is a special dance of the Bodo of Assam. After this, the turn was now in Dandiya and Garba of Gujarat, which is famous all over the world. Dandiya is a popular folk dance of Gujarat state, which is done during Navratri. Around 16 artists performed in this dance. This was followed by popular dance Karma dance of Chhattisgarh. In which the crop illustration depicts This music is related to raag- raagini, and about 17 artists have done this dance together. The audience liked this program so much that the audience got its pleasure by standing up. After this presentation, Kashmir’s famous Bachanagima folk dance has been done. In which 15 artists did this dance. This dance is done by men at harvest time.
After this presentation, folk dance chanted dance of Uttarakhand Kumaon was presented. The Chhapeli dance is a festival performed in the festival of Kumaon and Manglik works. In this folk dance, about 15 artists performed this dance.
So finally the famous folk dance of Telangana was presented above Mathuri and crops. Mathuri dances show Krishna’s naughty rascals, and it is done because of good yield of crops.
The program was concluded by Shri Indrajit Grover, director of NCZCC. Shri Inderjit first thanked the people of Delhi that in such a large extent, the people of Delhi adopted the Incredible India program.


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