5 Best Budget Travel Destinations in India

It is not easy to plan a budget trip in times like this when you want to go to a tourist destination in India. Every tourist desires to come back from the trip with an experience that will linger in their memory for a long time to come.

The desire to see the best places within a few days will come at a cost. If your budget for the trip is low, you have nothing to worry about because what you are about reading have you completely covered.

When you use public transport, live in dorms and gorge on street food; you are going to escape having your pocket dented. So where are the best places to visit in 2021 in India that are pocket-friendly? The unemployed professor’s review should be of interest to every tourist that is on a tight budget.

# Ooty

The greenery at Ooty will give you a wow impression all around the year. It is a tourist attraction that holds lots of promises to any visitor. There are exotic botanical gardens; historical architecture, as well as chocolate plantations, which are a few of the places of interest that you can visit while in the city.

The accommodation is within the range of INR 300-800 per night. Food sales go for as low as INR 50 at some joints. If you desire to have three square meals in a day; then the cost of feeding in a day plus accommodation can be mathematically put at INR 450 per day. This is a fair bargain when compared to what obtains with other more pronounced tourist destinations around.

This is the best place to have the best of chocolates. The sale of diverse kinds of cocoa butter and chocolates goes on throughout the year here. If you are a lover of chocolates, Ooty is a pocket-friendly place to be.

# Goa

It will be out of place if we leave this Portuguese architecture out of the affordable places to be in India. There is a strong and vibrant lifestyle in this tourist haven that becomes more vibrant at the night. If you are a lover of a great adventure; you are going to have your match through the long hours of parties that go on every day.

The food and beer are very cheap. There are varieties of goods and clothes that can be gotten through the local market at incredibly lower price regimes. The beach at Goa presents pleasure without borders for tourists. You can hire a motorbike to explore the beach at pocket-friendly rates.

If you want some personal time for spiritual reflections; then you can hire any of the cute huts around for spiritual rejuvenation at INR 500 per night. This tourist haven is loaded; your pocket will never be dented when you take your leave out of this Portuguese architecture.

# Kodaikanal  

This is the cheapest forest valley that the Indian tourist industry can boast of. If you are a lover of nature and you want to see it at its best without tearing it into your pocket, then this is the place to be. A packet of fried chicken here goes for INR 20. The rooms here are available for INR 200. With a budget of about INR 350 per day; you are going to have the best benefits out of this tourist haven.

You are going to come across a large number of waterfalls and forests here. You are going to get the peace and tranquility of nature at reduced costs here. The sight of the Karuna farms will leave a lasting impression on any tourist. You can row going or walk through the forest.

This tourist enclave is loaded. You are going to encounter nature in its raw format at an incredibly cheap price.


Let us talk about accommodation here. It will cost INR 350-800 per night for an average of 2 nights and 3 nights stay in the hotels at Alleppey. The meal in the hotel will cost INR 700 per night. When you go with a large number of people; then you can go for houseboats at a cost that begins at INR 6000 per day with three square meals to go with it.

The great Venice of the East can be explored at a very cheap price. You can have an unforgettable experience in boating and swim at the lagoons and waterways. The taste of the coconut flavored seafood will make you lick your fingers with relish.

If you are with your sunscreen, the discomfort that comes with the afternoon heat will not affect you.

# Darjeeling

This last destination is among the list and the most popular tourist attraction in India. If you are coming through NJP; you can access this tourist delight at a cost that is under INR 500. If you decide to go at a leisurely pace through a toy train, then it will cost you only INR 150 to get to the city.

This is known as the land of the Thunderbolt. The Darjeeling tea and the view of Glenary present plenty of delight to every tourist. The Kanchenjunga sunrise; cold air; Tiger hills as well as refreshing green are some of the attractions that set out this tourist hill from the midst of the crowded pack.

A walk among the plantations is one of the things that you will cherish in Darjeeling. The nightlife is vibrant here. You are going to have irresistible offers of woolens at incredibly cheap prices.

To conclude

The above places are the cheapest places that you can be in India. As it can be seen, the quality of tourist attractions in the listed tourist havens above is worth all the efforts and investment on the trip.