48th meeting of GST Council Commercial Tax Minister , Jagdish Deora Deora urges to end double tax system on Khand, Churi, Chhilka obtained from pulses milling

Finance and Commercial Taxes Minister Shri Jagdish Deora has urged the GST Council to eliminate the double tax system on the basis of end use of sugarcane, sawdust, peel etc. obtained from the milling of pulses and keep these items in the tax free category. In the 48th meeting of the GST Council held on saturday, through video conference. Minister Shri Deora expressed his views on several issues. Principal Secretary Commercial Taxes Smt. Deepali Rastogi and Commissioner Shri Lokesh Kumar Jatav also took part. Various issues were discussed in the meeting.

Minister Shri Deora thanked the Council for considering Madhya Pradesh’s proposal to make the registration process effective. With the verification of the information given by the applicant in relation to place of business for electricity bill or description of property, obtained through API from the database of various departments, the tendency of registration being done on the basis of forged documents will be curbed.

He thanked Madhya Pradesh for being included in the pilot project. He also requested that since most of the registration applications are located in urban areas, there is a need to use the property related database of Urban Development Department along with Land Revenue Department for verification related to place of business. The Council approved the request.

Finance Minister Shri Deora drew attention of the council towards the fact that according to the present provision, the time limit for issuing notification in Section 73 and 74 of the Act is different. Keeping in view the revenue of the state, a large number of actions are being taken under section 73 by the tax administration in cases received through the modern techniques of data analytics and various portals related to GST. Keeping these circumstances in mind, it was requested to increase the current time limit of 3 years for issuing notification under Section 73 to 5 years as per Section 74. The GST Council asked to send a separate proposal in this regard to the Law Committee. In the discussion Madhya Pradesh agreed on other points of the agenda of the meeting.

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