42nd Annual Conference of Odisha Botanical Society inaugurated

Bhubaneswar: Environmental stresses are becoming the most limiting factors to agricultural productivity worldwide. The concerning part is that their impact is not only on presently cultivated crops but they are also significant barriers to the introduction of crop plants in non-cultivated areas. A significant global problem in the improvement of agriculture is the major variation in annual crop yields due to variations in annual crop yields due to variations in environmental stresses such as drought, flooding salinity and temperature variations, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir.
Speaking in National Conference on Biotechnology interventions for environmental stress management in plants and microbes and 42nd annual conference of Odisha Botanical Society at Vani Vihar Governor said, increasing global population, urbanisation and industrialisation are increasing the rate of conversion of usable land into wasteland. Supplying food to an ever increasing population is one of the biggest challenges that agriculturists and plant scientists are confronting. Environmental stresses make this situation even graver, Governor observed.
Governor urged plant scientists to provide a wide spectrum of information, including vital references to all the stakeholders for environmental stress management in plants and microbes.
Dr. N. K. Sen, President, Odisha Botanical Society, Secretary Prof. A. B. Das, Vide Chancellor Prof. S.M. Patnaik, Convener Dr. C. Pradhan among others spoke on the occasion. Governor released OBS Journal and abstract volume of National Conference. Some renowned Botanists were felicitated on the occasion.