410 Indians brought back today by special Civilian flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

New Delhi: Under ‘Operation Ganga’ to rescue Indian citizens from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries, 410 Indians have been airlifted today by 2 special civilian flights from Suceava. With this, about 18 thousand Indians have been brought back through the special flights which began on 22nd February, 2022.The number of Indians airlifted by 75 special civilian flights goes up to 15521. IAF had flown 12 missions to bring back 2467 passengers, as part of the Operation Ganga, and carried over 32 tonne relief material.

Among the civilian flights, 4575 passengers have been brought from Bucharest by 21 flights, 1820 from Suceave by 9 flights, 5571 from Budapest by 28 flights, 909 passengers by 5 flights from Kosice, 2404 Indians from Rzeszow by 11 flights, and 242 persons by a flight from Kyiv.

Airline wise data is as follows:
Airlines No of flights Pax
Air Asia 3 500
Air India 14 3250
Air India Express 9 1652
Go First 6 1101
Indigo 34 7404
SpiceJet 9 1614
Grand Total 75 15521


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