3rd volume of Kavyanjali is set to be released on 22nd November 2019 in Bargarh

Bargarh: The 3rd volume of Kavyanjali is set to be released on 22nd November 2019 in Bargarh. Padma Shri Haldhar Nag’s poems are being translated into English in a series of volumes. The first volume, titled Kavyanjali Vol. 1, was released on 02 October 2016. The second in the series titled Kavyanjali Vol. 2 was launched on 10th October 2018.

Now we have Kavyanjali Vol. 3 which will be released on 22nd November 2019 during the ongoing Bargarh Book fair. Unlike the previous two volumes, the third one is not a collection of poems but a single poetic work, and an epic one at that – 1340 stanzas in 21 cantos. The theme of this book is ‘Divine Love’.

Shri Nag was awarded Padma Shri in 2016 for literature; He writes poetry in Sambalpuri-Kosali, the dialect prevalent in western Odisha, which has limited readership even within Odisha. Surendra Nath has undertaken the task of translating these poems to English, so that Haldhar Poetry gets worldwide attention that it deserves.

Volume 3 is published in the same lines as volume 1 and 2. It’s a bilingual in English and Sambalpuri-Kosali. Every even numbered page has the original poem in Odia script, while the facing pages carry the corresponding English translations. All three books are available as paperback and eBook.

Zenith Star is the publisher of the Kavyanjali series. Project Kavyanjali is a mission started by Zenith Star and Surendra Nath. The aim of the project is to translate and publish the entire body of literary works by Padma Shri Haldhar Nag into English. This project seeks the support of all literature lovers to reach out to the world with the rich literary heritage of western Odisha.

At the release event, the poet Shri Haldhar Nag and the translator Surendra Nath will be present. Along with them another doyen of Sambalpuri-Kosali literature, Shri Manoranjan Sahu, popularly recognized as Mana Mastrey, will also be present.

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