Bhubaneswar Muncipal Corporation providing food, water to over 8,000 dogs & 800 cows/bulls at more than 200 locations

Bhubaneswar: Over 8,000 dogs & 800 cows/bulls were provided food and water at more than 200 locations in the city by team BMC.

The stray dogs & cows were served cooked food like khichidi/briyani. This activity by BMC will continue untill the #lockdown period for the stray animals who were finding it difficult to get food.

BMC team continued their drive to feed the stray animals including dogs, cows/bulls.  Today more than 3 quintals of food cooked in the morning which were served to the animals.
At night again the same quantity of food will be cooked to serve the stray animals.

BMC humbly requesting that extra foods of ur home may please be provided to them. Any interested organisation/individual willing to extend help may contact BMC.