300kwp Solar Rooftop inaugurated at NTPC Kaniha

Kaniha: Ramesh Babu V ,Executive Director , NTPC Talcher Kaniha commissioned 300 Kwp Rooftop Solar Plant at NTPC Kaniha Township Public buildings (DAV School ,Kendriya Vidyalaya & Kalyan Mandap) on August 16,2019. The installation was implemented under its sustainable Development Initiative.

This 300 Kwp installation is expected to generate 5Lakh Kwhr (Units) per year electricity reducing around 476.4 MT CO2 per annum thereby promoting green energy.

Senior Officials GM(O&M),GM(Maintenance),GM(Operations) GM(C&M SSC). The solar rooftop was constructed with budget of Rs.1.43 Crore, with this addition; the total solar rooftop capacity of the power station has become 360 KW.


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