2nd Edition of ‘Secretariat Reforms’ report released

In pursuance of the decisions taken in the National workshop on 23.12.2022, DARPG published monthly report on “Secretariat Reforms” for January, 2023.  The Report is available at https://darpg.gov.in/sites/default/files/SECRETARIAT_REFORMS.pdf.

Key highlights of the Report for the month of January, 2023 are as follows:

  1. Swachhata Campaign & Reduction in Pendency
    1. 2,52,480 files were reviewed. 1,63,664 files weeded out, out of 1,79,175 files identified for weeding
    2. 3,94,805 public grievances disposed out of 4,40,671 received (Disposal rate-89.59%)
    3. 10,45,939 square feet of space freed in January, 2023
    4. Rs.17,49,91,167/- of revenue earned by scrap disposal in January, 2023
    5. Cleanliness Campaign conducted at 4,711 sites


  1. Increasing Efficiency in Decision Making
    1. 64 Ministries/ Departments implemented delayering (42 fully de-layered; 22 partially de-layered)
    2. 69 Ministries/ Departments implemented delegation
    3. Desk Officer System in operation in 28 Ministries/ Departments


  1. e-Office implementation and analytics
    1. 72 ministries/ departments migrated on E-Office version 7.0
    2. 31,60,392 Active e-Files against 8,94,329 Active physical files
    3. Active e-files increased to 31,60,392 in month ending 31st January, 2023 as against 28,17,775 active e-files in month ending 31st December, 2022
    4. 10 Ministries/ Departments have 100% e-Receipts in the month of January, 2023


  1. Best Practices
    1. Ministry of Labour and Employment: EPFO Gorakhpur reported providing wheelchair facilities for senior citizens visiting the office
    2. Department of Agricultural Research and Education: An awareness program conducted on the importance of cleanliness and conversion of farm waste to wealth for school children at KVK Solapur
    3. Ministry of Railways: Vijayawada railway station segregated waste at source

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