16 ‘Crorepati Netas’ In 3rd Phase Lok Sabha Polls In Odisha; Pinaki Mishra richest among candidates

Bhubaneswar:16 ‘Crorepati Netas’ in 3rd Phase Lok Sabha Polls In Odisha. With assets over Rs 117 crore, BJD’s Pinaki Mishra richest among candidates for Lok Sabha constituencies going to polls in the 3rd phase in Odisha; Bobby Mohanty of Congress richest Assembly candidate with assets over Rs 106 crore says Association for Democratic Reforms.

Out of the 60 candidates for the six Lok Sabha seats, 16 are crorepati. As per the analysis 27 % of candidates in the fray are millionaires. The average assets of candidates fighting 3rd phase LS polls from these six seats stands at Rs 3.87 crore.

The BJD has fielded the maximum of millionaire candidates with 5 out of is 6 nominees being crorepatis followed by the Congress with 3 of its 5 candidates being millionaires. While three of the six BJP candidates are crorepatis.

In terms of accumulated assets, both movable and immovable, the BJD figures in the top of the list with the average assets of its candidates being Rs 24,41,36,226 (Rs 24 Crore+). BJP and Congress stand next with average declared assets of its candidates estimated at Rs 6,84,44,569 (Rs 6 Crore+) and Rs Rs 4,85,50,896 (Rs 4 Crore+) respectively.

Pinaki Mishra, BJD’s candidate for Puri Lok Sabha seat, is the richest among the contestants with declared assets worth Rs 1,17,47,01,344 (Rs 117 Crore+) with Rs 2,19,32,742 (Rs 2 Crore+) liability.

Nitesh Ganga Deb (BJP) contesting the Sambalpur LS seat stands next with Rs 26,95,43,587 (Rs 26 Crore+) worth declared assets with Rs 1,03,37,195 (Rs 1 Crore+) liability. The former union minister Congress for the Dhenkanal LS seat Raja Kamakhya Prasad Singh Deo is the third wealthiest candidate with declared assets of Rs 15,41,00,240 (Rs 15 Crore+)

In sharp contrast, Ranjan Kumar Mishra contesting Puri LS seat on CPI (ML) Red Star ticket is the poorest of among the candidates with Rs 1,000 declared assets. Mishra does not own any immovable asset.

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