11th edition of Odisha Environment Congress to be held in December 2020 on the theme, “Environment & Biodiversity”

Bhubaneswar: A zoom meeting was called for on 21st of July at the office of HDF cDAR. Mr.Sudarsan Das initiated the discussion with a welcome note. While referring to the ongoing pandemic, he sought views from the invited OEC organizing committee members whether to change the core theme of OEC 2020 as decided during the OEC 2019 i.e. ‘Environment and Biodiversity’ or to change the theme on COVID 19; as currently suggested by many. The members opined that since the pandemic is situational and lot of discussion has already been made on the theme, the congress therefore should not depart from its agreed theme. Finally it was decided that OEC should continue with the theme decided earlier. However, few members suggested that pandemic could be sub-theme. The invited members were requested to share their preferred themes while keeping in view the impact of the pandemic and its dread on biodiversity, environment and human wellbeing.
During the meeting, broad knowledge matter on biodiversity, environment and development were discussed and around 20 such sub-themes were shortlisted. However it was also decided not to make the solicited articles more academically oriented, rather ground realities need to be focused reflecting the need of the situation. The subthemes suggested are covering all the broad and subtle issues concerning biodiversity, human well being, development, pandemic as well as crucial issues touching the environmental periphery. The meeting concluded with vote of thank from Mr.Sudarsan Das, with a passionate note that this year is the 11th year of OEC since its inception and ought to be more prudent.
Organizing committee members who participated in the meeting were: Mr.Dhrendra.K.Roy, Dr. B. B. Samanta, Dr. S.N. Patro, Dr Binayak Rath, Dr Seba Mahapatra, Shri Umi Daniel, Ms. Meena Das Mohapatra, Dr Aurobindo Behera(IAS),Dr. Jaya Krushna Panigrahi, Shri Sudarsan Das, Shri Ajit Kumar Pattnaik, Dr.Mitali Chinara, Mr.Bhrugu Buxipatra, Mr.Nirod.B.Khuntia, Prof.(Dr) Binayak Rath.

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