11th day with Zero output from MCL’s Balram mine in Talcher

Loss crosses 1.70 lakh tonne coal supply; 90,000 tonne production
Talcher: Balram opencast project (OCP) of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) remained paralysed on eleven day today, with no thaw between Solada and Danara villages at Talcher coalfields in Angul district of Odisha.
Coal despatch at Balram OCP was forcibly stopped by the villagers on 6th of October, while they stopped over burden removal at “Mahalakshmi patch” on 10th of October and coal production from the mine was stopped from second shift on 12th of October.

Daily 35,000 cubic meters of over burden removal, 15,000 tonne each of coal production and 20,000 tonne of coal supply has been affected from Balram OCP due the clash of interest between villagers of Solada and Danara during the peak production season.

Fuel supply to coal consumers, including NALCO, JITPL, JSPL, BSL and GMR, is affected from Balram OCP, which has a capacity of 45 lakh tonne annual production.

Up till now, 1.70 lakh tonne coal supply, around 90,000 tonne coal production and more than 3.2 lakh cubic meter of over burden removal has been affected from Balram OCP due to the internal rift of villages.
Meanwhile, villagers of another village Telaipassi, in the peripheral area of neighboring Bharatpur Area, forcibly closed office of the Project Officer and Workshop of Balram OCP along with Bharatpur mine early this morning.
The villager, later removed obstructions and the work at Bharatpur mine as well as PO’s office resumed.

Even interventions by the civil administration on repeated requests from local mine management have not yielded any positive outcome in the Solada and Danara issue.

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