Top 5 Twitter Tips To Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2018 and Beyond

You probably already know:

Over the years, social media sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter have skyrocketed in popularity amongst businesses and marketers looking to spread positive word about their brand, cultivate a community of loyal followers and generate torrents of traffic.

But here’s the shocker:

Facebook recently introduced its ‘ZERO’ update. According to the new update, Facebook will show less of marketing content in news feed.

No wonder:

A large number of Facebook marketers have already shifted to Twitter for engage with their existing and potential users, spread a word about their brand, build a community of engaged followers and much more.

Wondering why Twitter?

As of 2017, there are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. And 500 million tweets are made per day and more than 37% users Tweet or Retweet several times per day.



And that’s not all:


75% Twitter users feel better about a brand after following it on Twitter and reading its Tweets.

But here’s the shocker:

Measuring ROI and building an engaged community on Twitter remain a challenging task for most marketers.

In fact, 45% Twitter marketers believe that measuring ROI is the biggest challenge, whereas for 36% marketers’ engagement remains the biggest challenge.

What this means for you?

You’ll need to be systematic with your Twitter marketing strategies and dedicate 100% of your resources to scale your efforts.

If you’ve been trying to cultivate a community of engaged followers and brand advocates on Twitter, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll reveal 5 insanely actionable tips to help you drive an ocean of traffic from Twitter.

Let’s do this!

  1. Always Tweet with Relevant Links

You’ll be surprised:

Most Twitter users believe that tweets without relevant links are spam.


This is because users aren’t able to read the accompanying content and corroborate the claims made in the tweet.

This means:

You must always include a relevant link to your post in your Tweets.

Here’s how Hubspot does it:

Okay! That was about tweets…

But how would you make your website visitors tweet your blog posts?


Embed “Click to Tweet” or “tweet this quote” links within your blogs to make you readers tweet “quotes”, “stats” or “facts” directly from your blog.

This simple trick can help you get new visitors to your site and boost your SERP rankings.

After all:

Social Signals carry 5% weightage in the overall search ranking ecosystem.

Here’s an example of how you can embed “Click to Tweet” link in your blogs easily.

Let’s move on the next easy to follow tip on our list…

  1. Include Images in Your Tweets

Pictures are worth a thousand words and in case of Twitter, pictures are worth more than those 280 characters of text…

Surprised? Don’t be!

Tweets with pictures get 2X more engagement than tweets without images.

What does this mean?

If you want Twitter users to read, retweet and engage with your tweets, you’ll need to share amazing graphics and images in your tweets. But it makes sense to play by the rules. So add images that are relevant to your tweets and the links you’re sharing.

Here’s how Red Bull India does it brilliantly:

  1. Keep Your Tweets Short & Sweet

Okay! We needn’t tell this…

…but keeping it simple is the secret stash of success for most Twitter influencers.


This is because short and simple tweets get 21% more interactions!

Yeah! That’s true!

So always keep your tweets simple, crisp and to-the-point.

Be specific in your tweets without giving away everything to create a sense of interest around your tweets.

Remember, the suspense quotient of your tweets will persuade your followers to click on the links in your tweets.

Here’s an example of Copyblogger piques user interest with its tweets:

Moving on…

  1. Don’t Forget to Include Industry Hashtags in Your Tweets

Did you know?

Using industry hashtags in your tweets can get you 2X more engagement than tweets without hashtags.


Try to include hashtags related to your industry in order to broaden your reach. Strategic use of hashtags will help you reach out to those who aren’t following you but are in the lookout for information pertaining to your industry.

Here’s an example: Policybazaar Twitter constantly and strategically uses hashtags to reach out to new followers and potential customers.

Are you still looking for proofs to validate the use of hashtags in your tweets?

You’ll be surprised to know:

India’s leading web insurance aggragetor, Policybazaar has been able to cultivate a community of engaged followers and generate high-quality, sales-ready leads using industry hashtags on Twitter.

No wonder:

VAIZLE’s Annual Social Media Report on 100 Indian Startups named Policybazaar amongst top 3 startups making strategic use hashtag on Twitter.

Now that you’re all set to use Hashtags:

Don’t get carried away and overdo the use of hashtags. Make it a point to include not more than 3 hashtags in your tweets.

Don’t forget to create your unique brand keywords and bank upon the popularity of trending hashtags.

Let’s slide to the last and the final tip on this list…

  1. Time Your Tweets Right

Here’s the brutal truth about Twitter marketing:

There are WAY too many marketers who think publishing tweets after tweets is the best way to reach out to new people and potential customers.

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious about driving traffic and generating high-quality leads from Twitter, you’ll need to time your tweets right.


Your target audience will read and interact with your  posts only when they are available on Twitter.


You’ll need to make sure of publishing your tweets when your target audiences are most active on Twitter. Only then you’ll be able to drive maximum traffic and generate most number of sales-ready leads.


Tweets published between 9 and 10 AM and between 5.30 and 6.30 PM get the maximum engagement. In addition, tweets published during lunch hours also grab maximum share of CTR.

Now it’s Your Turn!

You just saw 5 simple-to-follow Twitter tips that will help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018 and beyond. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and strategic thinking to win the battle of attention on Twitter. But with these 5 tips you already know ahead of time that your hard work is going to pay off.

So go ahead. Put the learning into practice and drive torrents of traffic and lead back home from Twitter.

All the best!

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