Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Exam Uncovered


The rate at which technology is expanding has caused the need for the development of skilled professionals who can help in establishing, running and managing computer networks. Networking enables computers to share resources. Due to this, a number of complex devices are involved, hence the need for experts in this area. That is why the CCENT ICND1 100-105 exam was developed by Cisco. In this article, we’re going to let you know about what this exam entails and also give you useful tips and resources that will help you pass this test.

The Cisco CCENT Practice Test exam is an entry-level test targeting individuals who are interested in a career related to computer networking. Its main aim is to measure the level of your skills when it comes to networking tasks, such as installing, running, managing, and troubleshooting a business network system. The focus also includes network security at a basic level. Once you pass your exam, you obtain the Cisco CCENT certification that opens wonderful employment opportunities for you. The certificate also connects you to a large community of networking professionals.

First of all, let’s have a look at the exam format below:

  • Duration:90 minutes
  • Computer-based exam
  • 45-55 questions, including multiple-choice questions requiring multiple answers, drag-and-drop, test lets and sim lets, router simulations
  • Passing score:849/1000

Want to pass your exam? Here are the tips to help you Pass The Cisco CCENT 100-105 exam:

  • Know your exam well

Knowing the exam objectives and what it entails is the first step to success.

  • Prepare a study plan

A study plan helps you allocate the time available for your study. It also helps you in ensuring that you cover all the topics.

  • Set up a lab for practical tests

Doing practical tests in a lab helps you understand more about networking. You only need a router, a switch, a computer, an internet service provider and RJ-45 cords to start.

  • Take time to study

In order to pass the CCENT exam, you need to master the terms commonly used in networking. Make sure you spend your time wisely on study. Do not wait until the last minute, because you may end up getting confused and that may lead to failing your exam. Try to understand every aspect of the exam questions. It’s important to know your weak areas so that you can work on them.

  • Usepracticetests

You must revise intensively. Using practice tests helps you know what to expect during the real exam.

  • Take enough time to prepare

Don’t be in a hurry to sit for the exam. Take more than a month to study. The CCENT exam is will be hard if you do not prepare well.

Here are thetop resources to help you prepare for the CCENT exam:

  • CCENT ICND1 Study Guide. This study guide covers the exam objectives in every detail.
  • Practice tests are available online, and you can use them to check how ready you are for your exam, and know your weaknesses and strengths. That makes it possible for you to focus on your weak areas so that you can easily ace your exam. Examples of these tests are Cisco CCENT practice tests and PrepAway practice tests.
  • Video tutorials are one of the best ways to learn. Most video tutorials are very accurate and informative. There are a lot of CCENT video materials available online. Examples of tutorial video sites are CBT Nuggetsand Pearson VUE video tutorials.
  • Simulators are used to provide guided experiments. They areuseful tools in learning, especially the practical part. Simulators help learners understand a certain concept with ease. An example of such resource is the CCENT ICND1 100-105 Network Simulator.
  • Virtual labsprovide updated training equipment to candidates. Cisco Learning labs is one of such resources.

Now, let’s have a look at the best websites for the CCENT exam that you should visit:

  • com

This siteis one of the most recommended platforms for the exam preparation. It provides all the information you need to know about the CCENT exam. There are also training guides, online courses, and the best resources for revision.

  • Pearson VUE

This site provides an overview of Cisco products, including the CCENT exam registration and the exam taking centers. Here, you can also find training courses, study materials, and practice questions.

  • PrepAway

This site provides you with a number of resources that you can make use of to prepare for and pass your Cisco ICND1 100-105 exam.

  • CBTNuggets

This site provides training videos and practice tests to the learners. These videos have gained popularity because of their accuracy, efficiency and informative nature. You will also find discussions by past and present candidates sharing their experience on the CCENT exam.

The best books for the CCENT exam:

  • CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide and Network Simulator

This book offers you an overview of the CCENT 100-105 exam so that you know what to expect. Each of its chapters starts with practice questions so that you can determine how long you would want to study each section.

  • CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Cert Guide(3rd Edition) by Wendell Odom

Thebook is one of the best ones among those recommended for the CCENT exam revision. It is simplified and contains understandable and basic examples. It is a good book not only for the CCENT candidates but also for those willing to learn more on networking in general.

  • CCENT: Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guideby Todd Lammle

This bookis simple and clear, making it easy for you to understand. It covers all you need to know about introduction to networking. The examples given in this book will help you grasp the content faster because of its approach.

  • CCENT Certification All-In-One for Dummies by Glen E. Clarke

The author of this book is so direct to the point. We can recommend this book to the CCENT learners and everyone new in networking. It is easy to read with a wide range of examples.

  • CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition by Wendell Odom

According to the approach taken in this book, you can tell the author is very knowledgeable in networking. The book covers the CCENT exam topics widely. It contains practice questions that help you to prepare for the exam.

  • CCENT Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guideby Matt Walker and Angela Walker

It is a great book for the CCENT exam preparation. It is simple and easy to read. The guide explains all that you need to know about the exam.


Networking is one of the major aspects of a computer connection system. The CCENT certification has contributed in a great way in introducing and training of people innetworking. Sophisticated networking devices are being developed each day and hence the demand for professionals who can handle them is increasing daily. The Cisco CCENT certificate ensures that there is enough manpower required in providing business networking solutions that will lead to efficiency of systems for business enterprises. The CCENT exam may appear to be hard if you don’t prepare well for it, but with the right mindset and preparation, you will pass it.