Smt Harsimrat Badal meets Industry leaders to request assistance for people of Kerala



New Delhi: Union Minister for Food Processing Industries met with food processing industry leaders late evening yesterday to plan a strategy for assistance to be provided to people of Kerala. The meeting was attended by representatives from companies like ITC, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, MTR, Nestle, Britannia, Maricoamong others. The Minister said “It is time to work as a cohesive unit and make a coordinatedeffort to help the people of Kerala, instead of separate entities making individual efforts.” Smt Badal said that her Ministry was in regular contact with the State Government and district officials to gather their requirements.

Smt Badal spoke with Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Pinari Vijayan to express her concern on the calamity and assured the State Government of all assistance from Ministry of Food Processing Industries. The Minister sought Shri Vijayan’s inputs on what assistance was immediately required, to which the Chief Minister informed that lakhs of infants in Relief Camps were in requirement of baby food. The requirement was conveyed to food processing companies by the Union Minister.

The meeting was in pursuance of an appeal by Smt Badal on 19th August, 2018 to food processing companies across India to contribute generously to the Kerala relief operations. Consequently, the companies have pledged full support to the endeavour by Ministry of Food Processing Industries to reach out to the affected population. Some of the contributions already made or pledged for delivery within 2 days are mentioned below:


1.4 lakh litres of packaged drinkingwater already supplied

1 lakh litres of packaged drinking water in next two days including 20,000 bottles tomorrow


2.10 lakh packets of biscuits (6.5 Tonnes) already delivered at Kochi, 1.25 lakh packets delivered at Malapuram and Wayanad

1.25 lakh packets of biscuits to be delivered in next two days

3000 Buns and 10,000 packets of biscuits to be supplied from Madurai


1 MT of Namkeen(1 Lakh Packets)- in coordination with CII for delivery

MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd

35,000 Ready To Eat packets already delivered to Wayanad


90,000 packets of Maggi, 2 lakhs packet of Munch, 1100 packets of coffee, 2500 of UHT Milk already supplied

40,000 packets of Maggi, 1 lakh Munch, 1100 packs of coffee and 2500 UHT milk will be supplied along with 30,000 packs of Ready To Drink Milo; 10,000 packs of Serigo


30,000 to 40,000 litres tetra-packed juices

10,000 tubes of Odomos


6.78 lakh litres of packaged drinking water, 10,000 kg Quaker Oats


Relief material worth Rs. 10.00 Lakhs, 1 million packets of Horlicks and 1 Million Crocin Tablets will be supplied

Bagrrys India Limited

10,000 packets of oats (2MT) will be supplied


3.30 lakh packets of biscuits, 2000 bottles of Savlon, 3000 packets of dairy whitener, 9000 packets of liquid hand wash and 7000 soaps

Pernard Ricord and Cargill

Assured to coordinate with Amul for supply of milk powder and baby foods


Committed to supply 30MT Oats

Mondelez India Foods Limited

Cash contribution of Rs.10.00 Lakhs to CM relief fund

Hindustan Unilever

Salt 9,500 cases, Wheat Products 29,000 cases, Ketchup 1,000 cases, Spices Mix masala 250 cases and other products supplied across Kerala

The Union Minister reiterated her nomination of following Officer to coordinate this effort and the industries could contact them to make desired donations.

Shri Atyanand, Deputy Secretary (8800485805)