Are Side Bets in Blackjack Worth It?


Are Side Bets in Blackjack Worth It?

Are you ready for some side thrill? If you have been playing online blackjack for a while now, you may have definitely heard of Perfect Pairs, 21+3 and Insurance. Have you ever tried your hands at side betting?


Both online and land-based casinos offer a more amazing betting experience for players when playing blackjack. You can find side bets in different forms with varying payouts and odds, but you may be wondering whether or not you should place any side bets at


So what are Blackjack Side Bets Anyway?

Side bet is actually an added wager placed in the start of a round, as your main bet at the same time. You can find different types of bets, such as your own hand and dealer’s hand in some cases. The Perfect Pairs, 21+3 and Insurance are three widely used side bets.



This side bet covers the first two cards of the players and up-card of the dealer. This type of wager is placed on outcome that three cards will make Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush or Straight Flush. These combinations of poker cards adds something additional to your game and to your wallet. The 21+3 side bet options have different odds from the Perfect Pairs which should be considered when placing a wager on any of them.


Perfect Pairs

As the name implies, the Perfect Pairs side bet is an added wager placed on the outcome that the first two cards are Coloured, Mixed or a Perfect Pair. This way, a pair of matching colors or numbers will pay out, when two cards of the same color, suit and number will give a high payout.



It is a side bet intended to protect players from blackjack. This side bet is available only when the up-card of the dealer is an ace. When it comes to play online, you can chose to opt for insurance which will appear on screen when the dealer’s card has been dealt. The concept on placing insurance wager is giving a better chance to the players about getting paid out even if they do not hold the winning hand. Insurance is appealing to more competitive players as it is designed to lower the house edge.


A lot of games have insurance side bets paying 2:1 for those who would like to beat the dealer at his game while improving their winnings. Obviously, the payout is never going to be assured as you cannot see the second card of the dealer until you place the insurance bet. But there is definitely no harm in keeping yourself from losing the bet if you want to place additional bets.


Are Side Bets Worth It?

The best part of side bets is that they basically just require a small wager but give bigger and better payouts than standard bets. Generally, you won’t leave the table with more money. It is one of the major complaints of the players. This is when you need side bets. But there’s sometimes a high chance that they will not be paid off.


However, any round depends on the aspect of luck, and the same applies to side bets, which are no different. In addition, side bets can add further layers for a more exciting casino experience. Side bets create a more fast paced game for players who are fed up of placing one bet at a time, while waiting for the end of each round.


However, it goes without saying that side bets give a higher edge to the house as compared to the standard blackjack, but this strategic element can lower the house edge in the long run.  Insurance bets offer more control as you know what the upturned card is with the dealer, and your own cards.