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Site of a Shaivite shrine, Beleswar, located 15 km from Puri, has an interesting beach the road from the Temple up to the beach covered with thick causrina trees where travelers can watch the beautiful sunset, which dips into the sea.
On the confluence of the river Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, Ramchandi is a beautiful beach. Goddess Ramchandi, the presiding deity of the Konark region is worshipped here with admiration. Situated 7 km from Konark on the Marine Drive, Ramchandi is an ideal place to spend a couple of fun-filled hours.
At a distance of 88 km from Balasore, 4 km from Chandaneswar and 8 km from Digha (West Bengal) is the restful beach at Talasari. One could observe with wonder the glistening glory of the Bay of Bengal spread like a bejewelled carpet as far as one's eyes could reach. The shimmering surface, the myriad twinkles all around give this calm beach a status of its own.
Approximately 20 km from Berhampur, 35 km from Gopalpur and 4 km from the National Highway No.5, which connects Chennai and Calcutta, the virgin beach at Pati-Sonapur is one of the most exquisite places on the east coast. Right on the confluence of the river Bahuda and the Bay of Bengal, the scenic beauty of the place is simply enchanting.
The beach of Orissa from timeless heritage, which continue to share and gift its innumerable bounties to all who care to visit the shoreline of Orissa. Between them, the sun, the sea, the sands and the moonlight, continue to weave a web of sheer beauty, transforming the beaches of Orissa into perfect destinations at anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

Beaches of Orissa
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