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Kanji Amla Osha


This festival is observed on the day following Prathama ashtami i: e on Krushnapaksya Navami in veneration of the Goddess Shathi Devi by women who are unable to conceive even after numerous attempts. Legend goes that the youngest daughter-in law of a sailor’s household once steals a pumpkin when she is pregnant from the neighbor’s garden.

But she is cursed in return that she may carry a child in her womb but shall be deprive of rearing it as the devi Shathi would take it away. Consequently she loses five sons to the wrath and is thrown out to the jungle by her Mother in-law , expecting her sixth child. Goddess Shathi however frees her from this grueling penance on the condition that she will pray her on this day along other Mothers of the family following certain rules. All the winter vegetables is boiled in the water soaked from cooked rice and taken after a clean bath applying turmeric paste on the body.

Scientifically stated this festival is a good excuse for keeping the skin ailments away and nourishes the body with minerals from fresh vegetables and condiments.The well-being and good health of your kin and surrounding drives the spirit behind this festival.

Sudasa Brata Kanji Amla Osha Prathamastami Amla Navami
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