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Why Lord Jagannatha is Called as Patitapabana?

Orissa and  Lord Jagannatha's temple in the past has faced the attacks of Muslim rulers for many times. During the 18 th century King Ramachandra Dev was the then ruler of Orissa. But all times Orissa was experiencing the terror of attacks from the powerful subedar Taki Khan.

Taki Khan by nature was an anti Hindu natured person. So he was always with intention to demolish the temple of lord Jagannatha. At that time few parts of Orissa was also under the regime of the Muslims. So king Ramachandra Dev was worried for the safety of Lord Jagannatha's temple.

Finally according to the conditions of Taki Khan king Ramachandra Dev accepted Islam and got married to Taki Khan's sister. Thus though Lord Jagannatha's temple got secured but king Ramachandra dev lost his rights to enter into the temple and finally Lord jagannatha's idle was constructed near lion's door for him. And the idle was named as Patitapabana. And till today it is prevailing there the main idea of constructing that ideal was that people who are unable to see lord Jagannatha in side his temple will be able to see him there.

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