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Great Salabega was born in a Muslim family and was the son of Lalbega. Lalbega was a leading warrior in the Mughal army and on those days the Mughals were always trying to capture the Srimandira to demolish it. Once when the Mughal warrior lalbega was returning from puri near Danda mukundapur locality of puri he found a Beautiful young Brahmin widow returning from the Bathing Ghats. So he kidnapped the lady and finally by compulsion married her who latterly came to be known as Fatima Biwi. Salabega was the son of fatima Biwi and lalbega. From his child hood he listened about lord Jagannatha, Lord Krishna, And lord Rama from her mother. He got attracted towards them.

After the death of Fatima biwi when Salabega was a kid once he got stricken by a severe disease and all the doctors left the hope that Salabega can survive. One day when he was on bed he heard the Bhajan's and thought the great lord Jagannatha who is the god of world will be able to cure me. Then he started praying lord Jagannatha and finally got cured. After that he became a great devotee of lord Jagannatha. But for that reason he was discarded from his own house. Then he started moving here to there uttering the name of lord Jagannatha all times. Finally he went to Puri. It was the car festival time and the chariots were getting pulled Salabega was not allowed to see lord Jagannatha on the chariot as he was the son of a Muslim. So resided on a house which is very nearer to Srimandira. When the chariot of lord Jagannatha came nearer to his house he started weeping. Suddenly the chariot stopped there. And Salabega watched the God happily and there after all the things were made known to the priests. Then he got the respects of a great devotee by the blessings of the lord Jagannatha.

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