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"Jagannatha swami Nayana patha Gami Bhaba tume."

This famous mantra of Jagat Guru Shankaracharya is still creates a different feeling among the lovers of lord Jagannatha. Truly he is the Parama brahma, the Nrusingha for Prahlada, the Rama for Hanumana, the Krshna for sudama and the Tathagata Buddha for Buddhists. He   is the cute Kahna of Loving mother Yashoda, the best lover of world for Radha and other Gopi's of Brindabana. He is one in many and many one. He is the Baliyara Bhuja   for King Purusottam dev to fight for him in kanchi wars and he is also the Patitapabana for salabega, karma bai, and Dasia bauri like great devotees. Like every year this year  he is also coming out of his temple for 9 days to go to his aunt's house and to appear before his those devotees who are unable to see him inside the temple and who are called as the fallen people of hindu religion. Yes he, along with his brother Balabhadra and sister Jagat janani (Mother of world) Suvadra will appear on his chariots to appear before his devotees on car festival. The festival is also other wise known as Patitapabana yatra. So one the auspicious occasion of this ratha yatra orissa diary has made this attempt to talk about lord jagannatha and his devotees…

Lord Jagannatha and saint Balaram Das.

Saint Balaram Das was a great devotee of lord jagannatha and he was such a lover of lord jagannatha that he was just feeling it that beyond jagannatha there is nothing other in this world. Once the famous saint who was the writer of Dandi Ramayan (Ramayan in Oriya language) got an idea to make a visit to lanka, which according to the Ramayan was once the capital city of the demon Ravana. He told this to lord Jagannatha and at the time of night he went to visit lanka along with lord Jagannatha. Jagannatha during that visit   told him to hold his gold jhari(A typical ornament of gold). After finishing their visit Balarama das forgot to return the ornament. But at the morning the priests found it that the ornament has been stolen by somebody and when Saint Balaram Das came with that he was accused as the thief and was taken to the court of the Gajapati king. But latter Gajapati found it by taking proves from lord jagannatha that Balaram Das is not guilty and he is a great devotee of lord Jagannatha. So he paid due respect to him.

But Balarama Das was in love with a prostitute called jamuna Bai. When once he was with The prostitute he found it that it was the very day of car festival and the chariots are going to be pulled. He ran to the Chariot of lord jagannatha but the priests found it that he has just returned from the prostitute and the turmerics and the lipsticks of the prostitute are still prevailing there on him. So the priests beated them and he returned.

With tears on his eye Balaram das went near the sea(Bay of Bengal) and   there he prepared three chariots on sand for the two brothers Jagannatha,Balabhadra  and their sister Goddess Suvadra.Praying with tears he told it that if you are truly my God then the chariots there will not move and you three will come to this sand chariots of mine.

Suddenly all the three chariots of the car festival stopped and  after a huge effort the people were unable to move them even one inch. Everybody got worried so finally the Gajapati king got the message and he along with the priests on fasting started praying to lord Jagannatha. Then Lord jagannatha appeared on his dreams and told them everything and told that I cannot tolerate the insults of my devotees. If you pay proper respect to Balaram das and will beg pardon to him then only along with him I will return to the chariots made by you. The king did accordingly and the chariots started moving along with his great devotee Balaram Das.


Guru Nanak came to Puri at the last phase of his visits, but the priests did not allowed him as he was dressed like a Muslim. They told that they can not allow a person who is dressed like a Muslim. Nanak felt insulted at the lion's door he prayed lord Jagannatha with tears and suddenly Lord Jagannatha appeared on his palms. He saw him and went to place near the sea. The other people got astonished with this and the considered saint Nanak as a great devotee of Lord Jagannatha.  

 It was evening and everybody asked Nanak that whether he is going to perform the evening prayers to lord jagannatha or not? Nanak nodded his head and told I am going to do Arati (A Special ritual performed near all Hindu deities)    to him. Suddenly he raised his hands and the instruments used for Arati appeared on his hands. Then when one after another when he started performing the ritual for the three gods the people also got astonished that they clearly saw the three Gods. Everybody started praising him but few bad people started spreading the rumour that Guru Nanak is a tantrik and is using mesmorism on people.

Then Guru Nanak told see every evening we are discussing about lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra, And Goddess Subhadra are coming here and can show them to you. Few days passed within this and people started disbeliefing him but once on one evening he showed a black man,along with a white man and a beautiful lady. Then when he ran to catch them they jumped to a well near by and vanished. And people trusted Guru Nanak.Till today that place is also seen at the Bauli Matha(The hut of hermit) of Puri.

More stories are to be added soon.

(N.B.The readers who are interseted to know about the sources of these stories can contact us at  the email i.d. of orissa diary or on the email i.d.:myjournalist@gmail.com )

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