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Orissa: Mytholgy ends in Ollywood
Thursday, October 06, 2011
By Ashok Palit; Bhubaneswar: Though with the onslaught of action and romantic films the production of mythological films has taken a: backseat. in the state, it has still been 'able to "maintain its appeal with the viewers. Interestingly, even the first Indi¬an film, Raja Harischandra, pro¬duced by Dada Saheb Phalke was based on mythology. It was premiered before a selected audience on April 2, 1913. Later that .year, it was released in a Mumbai cinema' hall on May 3. Taking the cue, about 24 years later, Mohan Sunder Dev Goswami made the first Oriya film Sita Bibaha based on an episode of the Ramayan. After a gap of 15 years the second Oriya film Lalita was released in 1949 and was followed by Sri Jagannath in 1 950, Though, both the films followed a -similar storyline, the latter was a -hit in the box-office while Lalita crashed. Soon, the Oriya filmmakers ventured to explore social themes. Rolls 2-8 was the first social film : in Oriya produced by Ratikanta' Padhi of Balasore. However, mythological , films made their comeback time and again and were never completely sidelined by the upsurge of formula films; The year 1962 witnessed the making of two more mythological Oriya films, Dasyu Ratnakar and Jay Deb which were smashing hits. Sree Sree Patiipaban based on the tales of the glories of Lord Jagan¬nath was released the following year. This film also got a favorable response. In the seventies, Nitai Palit directed chartbuster Krushna Sudama which created box-office record. He repeated the success with BandhuMohanty Though, in 1978 another mythological film Sati Anusaya was released, it failed to be a crowd-puller. Sree Krushna Rassalila, Sri Jagannath. Mathura Bijaya and Nila Madhab were released in 1979. But, barring Sri Jagannath which created records, rest three films flopped at the box-office. Jaya Ma Mangala hit the theatres next year, but it was more social in nature than mythological. seeta Laba Kusha, a south Indian movie dubbed in Oriya, released during that period also had very little success. Debajani directed by Byomkesh Tripathy and released in 1981 faced a similar fate. The mythological films clicked again with Bhakta Salabeg. direct¬ ed by Radha Panda in 1983. It cre¬ated history and broke all previous box-office records whereas Mahasati Savitri released in the same year failed to create an impact. Raja Harishchandra and Basan t Rasa, which were a! so released in 1984 earned moderate success. But in 1993, a remake of Naga Panchami was able to earn a record collection. In 1998once again mythological films made a welcome comeback with Maa Gojabayani However, Maa Gojabayaniwas not exactly a mythological film. Its story revolves around the power of Goddess Gojabayani, worshiped at Baghadia village ofKendrapada The era of mythological films is coming back. again withSabyasachi Mohapatra directed ‘Jai Jagannath’ a film based on the ancient scripture Lakshmi Puran. Though Jagannath’s realm is restricted primarily to Orissa, the film was made in 13 other regional languages besides Oriya and English as this way the socially-relevant film will be able to take the message of reform for progress across the country and maybe through the world too. The film ‘Jai Jagannath’ is as much social as it’s mythological .This film was still now is last mythological film released in 2007,July13. In spite of several efforts Jai Jagannath unable to pull the crowed to the theatre, since that time Odia producer and director take hibernation from mythological cinema. Palitashok13@gmail.com
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