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Interview with Singer Susmita Das
Thursday, July 16, 2015
One of the leading Odia Singer Susmita Das is known for her unique singing style. Her singing is more based on culture and tradition than commercial. Recently one of her new album 'Hrudaya Ballava' has come to market. Odisha Diary correspondent Nibedita Mohanty had an interction with her on her life and Music.

OD - How did u get attracted towards music?
Susmita - Since childhood I am a singer as my mother and uncle were related to this field which influenced me a lot to get into this area.
OD - Did u learn it from your mother or anywhere else?
Susmita - Yes my mother is my first music teacher.
OD - The type of songs that u sing is different from the songs available in market. What is the reason behind?

Susmita - When I started singing, even though good songs were there in our Odia industry, but the songs which people liked most were getting highlighted and populated. So I made myself sure that every song which I am going to sing must be good and heart touching.
OD - Did you find any changes towards your listeners or there interests as you have been performing on stages for quite some time both within the country and abroad?
Susmita - When I started doing stage performance professionally, audience liked all of my songs. Some changes and differences they observed in my song first time which they like most.

OD - In many of your albums, it has been observed that maximum number of songs are composed by Omprakash Mohanty and written by Devdas Chhotray. How and when the trimurti formed?
Susmita - Trimurti (whatever you are saying) has been constructed from the poetry composition of Dr. Mayadhar Mansingh. When I started singing the songs written by Mayadhar Mansing, Devdas chhotray helped me a lot. Omprakash Mohanty, who is a famous composer helped to make me understand the culture mentioned in the poetry. So it became easy for me to make my dream successful. 

OD - Who is your favorite singer?
Susmita - I like most of the singers who are singing now a days like Arjit Singh, Shreya Ghosal. But I can not specify the particular singer whom I like the most.
OD : Who is your favorite music director?
Susmita - I can see Omprakash Mohanty is the best. And all are doing best at their level like Swarup Nayak, Malay Mishra, Manmath Mishra all are good directors. I can't specify who is the best. I like all of them.

OD - Tell us something about your new album 'Hrudaya Ballav'.
Susmita -  Hrudaya Ballav is having 12 songs. Six songs are written & directed by Prafulla Kar and remaining six are directed by Omprakash Mohanty. All the songs are traditional and based on Lord Jagannath..
OD - Which album of yours made you happy most & why?
Susmita - I loved all of my songs.  I always believed that if people like my song. So I also loved those. I have realized that my first album ‘Maya Darpan’ will always be there in the mind of listeners. Whom I can give most importance and always be memorable.

OD - What are your expectation from the listeners of Odisha?
Susmita - In my point of view, Odia artist and Odia composition are great and my best wishes are there with everybody to be grow up. I got good support from the listeners and I expect this in future.
OD - What is your future planning?
Susmita - I believe in present and I am spending my time in music. Will continue too.

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