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Orissa: Laughing stock of Odia Cinema
Thursday, October 06, 2011
Report by Ashok Palit; Bhubaneswar: Numerous ingre¬dients go into the making of a wholesome enter-taining movie. Undoubtedly comedy is one of the elements that enriches the entertainment value of a filmConsidering the fact that audience watch movies for entertainment, comedy often plays a vital role in determining a film's commer¬cial success. Dinabandhu Das, popularly known as Tima and Sarat Mohanty were perhaps the first to make an impact as comedians in Oriya films. Their ability to keep audi¬ence in splits was proved beyond doubt in Films like Nuabahu, Manikjodi and Jeeuan Sathi. In Kiye Kahara, directed by Nitai Palit, Sagar Das played comedian oppo¬site Dali, where his perfor¬mance was immensely appre¬ciated by both the classes and masses. In seventies, Mamata directed by Byomakesh Tripathy marked the dawn¬ing of another era in .comedy in Oriya films. This movie introduced a new comedian pair of Nari and Shymalendu. The pair went on to make waves in the Oriya silver screen since then. In 1982, Phoola Chandan, a teen-age love story, made under the banner of Jayashree productions broke 'all the previous box office records. Md Mohasin, a prominent supporting actor, made his successful directori¬al debut w,ith this movie. The film marked the emergence of Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita as a romantic pair. Besides, the film presented Jayiram Samal, popularly known as Jayee, who with his funny accent and sheer sense of humour went on to become the darling of the Oriya audience. In 1985, Mamata Mage Mula, directed by Amiya Patnaik, introduced two new comedians, Debu Brahma and Aurobind. Later, reputed director Prasant Nanda intro¬duced another pair of comedian Braja and Banku, in his film Panchu. Pandav. Comediennes like Mamina and Runu have also carved a niche for themselves in Oriya films. They charted their way into the hearts of the masses with their flawless comic portrayals. Other actresses like Anita Biswas and Kuni Mishra have also played their char¬acters with aplomb in several films. But prior to that, Anita Das and Preeti Patnaik had done a commendable job in _ Jajabara. In one of the recent films Bidhata directed by Sangram Biswal and Kirti Mohanty share the honours as comedians with Jayee and Braja. They weaved some hilarious moments in the film which was quite appreci¬ated by the audience. Recently Harihar Mohapatra popular as Hari, Thin, Suman and Papu Pom pom well known as Papu were joining as comedian in odia cinema. But tragically, scope for comedians has reduced in Oriya films with the growing emphasis given only to lead characters. As a result, the place of comedians in a film has taken a beating. Needless to say it has jeopardized the careers of comic actors and actresses in the films. The quality of humour in contem-porary Oriya films has also gone down to lewd jokes, slapstick comedy and double meaning dialogues.
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