Sambalpur: The Supreme Court has given clean cheat to former chairman of the Oris">
SC gives clean chit to ex-OPSC chief
Friday, November 28, 2008
SC gives clean chit to ex-OPSC chief

Sambalpur: The Supreme Court has given clean cheat to former chairman of the Orissa Public Service Commission (OPSC) Hadibandhu Mirdha, who had to leave office before completion of his tenure due to decision of the state government on the allegations of irregularities committed by him.

The then governor had referred the matter to the Supreme Court under Article 317 (1) of the Constitution with four allegations including the candidature of his two married daughters, taking bribe from a woman attending interview for the post of a lecturer, threats to three other members of the OPSC and involvement with a private OAS coaching centre in his home town in Sambalpur.

The apex Court rejected the charges since none of them could be proved.

The court felt that Mirdha had not acted in a manner so as to compromise the dignity and impartiality of the commission.

It also made comments on another ex-OPSC member Prativa Ray who first denied any of her relatives appearing at the Orissa Civil Service (OCS) examination 2001 and much later admitted so.

It further commented on the state government which did not act upon the recommendations of its law department on the activities other members.

The court also commented on the Lokpal of the state, stating that the latter neither administered the oath nor got the statements verified.

In his reaction, Mirdha said that the verdict of the court is a victory of truth. No conspiracy worked on me as I committed no wrong, he maintained.

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