15th Annual Day Celebration of 'Paschimanchala' news paper held in Rourkela
Tuesday, June 02, 2015
15th Annual Day Celebration of 'Paschimanchala' news paper held in Rourkela
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Rourkela : Convergence of media will strengthen our democracy and enhance the democratic values through healthy competition among various channels of communication, said Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, Director, NIT , Rourkela. 

Prof. Sarangi was addressing a groups of intellectuals in a seminar ‘Convergence of Print, Electronics and Social Media’ as a part of the 15th Annual Day Celebration of ‘Paschimanchala’ news paper held at Civic Centre here on Sunday evening. Dr. Sarangi hailed the effort put in by those involved with the publication of Paschimanchala with commitment to fulfill regional aspirations. As language played a vital role in the transformation of the society preliminary education should be given though mother tongue, he said. In the context of Odisha’s development he said, instead of strengthening one part of the body we should go for a whole body exercise. The eastern part of our country remained backward because of regional imbalance. Kolkata is not Bengal nor Bhubaneswar is Odisha, he affirmed.
Surama Mishra, Editor, Paschimanchala reiterated  her newspaper’s commitment to strive for the development of Western Odisha which  has remained neglected for years. Her tiny newspaper with a fighting spirit and fearless approach will continue to uphold the high journalistic standard it has set for itself, she said.
Presenting the keynote address Abhaya Kumar Padhi, former additional Director General of Prasar Bharati said Print, Electronics and Social Media should be complementary to one another and comparable to Army, Navy and Airforce which function in tandem for the country’s defence sector. Padhi said there is a bit of media in everybody’s life. Living without media has become unavoidable for modern men but proliferation in every branch of media, as noticed these days, might lead to unhealthy competition, he warned.
Dr. Ashok Kumar Panda, Chief of Sunmarg, Bhubaneswar stressed on the need for a symbiosis among various media to enrich the quality of content and coverage. Communication professionals enjoys freedom of expression but they are also open to public scrutiny which they must grand against, he said. Amidst ripples of laughter and clapping for his anecdotes he twisted the story of the rabit and tortoise to bring home the point of synergy among the various channels of communication.
Nayaran Pati, former General Manager of SAIL, Rourkela advised the newspaper establishment for evolving new marketing strategies to widen the coverage and increase readership.
Baidyanath Mishra, Executive Editor who choreographed the programme said despite differences in style and approach, the basic character of all these media remains the same and that is disemination of news to the public with honesty and truthfulness.
Noted film personality Sabyasachi Mohapatra and historian Sasanka Sekhar Panda were felicitated in absentia. Geetika Mishra rendered the felicitation note. Scribes Tapan Mallick and Prasad Acharya were rewarded for their  good work in 2014. Publisher Swarup Mishra proposed the vote of thanks.
Sabyasachi Mohapatra’s award winning film ‘Shala Budha’ (Stupid oldman) was screened at the end. The second edition of Kosli Barnamala authored by Surama Mishra, Sankhipta Koshal Itihas of Sasanka Sekhar Panda and a souvenir to mark the 15th anniversary celebration wre released on this occasion.
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