Paradeep truck owners association to resort Rail Roka
Saturday, November 05, 2011
Paradeep truck owners association to resort Rail Roka

Report by Kahnu Nanda; Paradeep: Protesting state government’s recent decision banning mineral transportation through trucks three truck owners associations working in Paradeep port town have decided to resort Rail Roka at Rangiagada on Cuttack- Paradeep rail link on Friday.

In a press release three truck owners associations spokes person Giridhari sahoo informed that about 10 thousands truck owners would be affected if state government implement the decision and as many as 30 thousands truck business dependants will lose their livelihoods, meanwhile we had approached state government and district administration seeking to roll back the decision but unheeded over our complaints as consequence we forced to resort Rail Roka on Friday,to press our demands, spokes person maintained.

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