IIMC Foundation Day Celebrated; 'Ethical media: Need of the hour'
Friday, August 21, 2015
IIMC Foundation Day Celebrated; 'Ethical media: Need of the hour'
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Dhenkanal:  Darkness over democracy can only be cleared with the light media spreads, said Adhyapak Biswaranjan, renowned author and editor of Odia daily, Khabar. “When media is obstructed, darkness follows,” he said at the 23rd Foundation Day lecture at Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) here today.
The journey of India from developing nation to a developed nation will depend on role played by the media in the country, said Adhyapak Biswaranjan adding that media needs to focus on the real social and economic matters instead of trying to divert the attention of the public to frivolous issues.
Achieving good governance requires the understanding and participation of every member of the society. “The media, their significant roles, channels and contents are considered to be most powerful weapon to make this achievement a reality,” said Adhyapak Biswaranjan.
At the time when media is ruled by vested interests of corporate and politicians, journalists should pledge to stick to ethics and not sway to various distractions, he said.
Answering the questions asked by students of IIMC, Adhyapak Biswaranjan said that it is indeed true that often to cater to the taste of public, newspapers give more space to sensational or non-serious news and ignore issues that demand more attention. “This only shows how insensitive media has become nowadays,” he added.
Sri KM Srivastava, senior media academician, also present on the occasion, said that journalists should be brave and should be ready to quit job if ask to compromise with their principles.
Dr Mrinal Chatterjee, head of the institute, said that IIMC aims to groom journalists who give emphasis on development stories. The institute’s aim is not just to train students into successful media persons but also give them an understanding of social issues.
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