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Obscene film on girl student of B.J.B College
Monday, September 08, 2008
Obscene film on girl student of B.J.B College

By Suman Mohanty

Cuttack:  After the circulation of a Blue film C.D forced a lady student of Journalism to commit suicide in Khanangar area of the silver city another bizarre case of abduction of a lady student of B.J.B College, Bhubaneswar and filming obscene film on her has come to light.  In this second case the abductors have started threatening her parents through the uses of obscene C.D. In the first case the arrested conspirators have failed to get bail from high court whereas the Bhubaneswar police’s failure to trace the culprits has forced the victims’ guardians to approach the high court for her recovery. The victims’ paternal uncle has pleaded their helplessness through a petition before the high court in recovering the girl as the Bhubaneswar police have turned a deaf ear to their problem. According to the details available from the petition of the guardians, the daughter of Ajay Kumar Mallick of Mukhiguda, Kalahandi  was studying in BJB College, Bhubaneswar after she passed the Matriculation examination with 96 percent marks in aggregate. Thereafter she also got herself admitted in a city based private tutorial named BCS Residential Tutorial owned by Prof. S. S. Mohanty of the same college. But on 8th July this year her parents filed an F.I.R in Badgarh police station citing the abduction of their daughter by some antisocials who at the same time forcing them to for ransom money or else they will circulate the obscene film C.D in the market filmed on their daughter.  They have alleged that the police have stopped searching for their daughter under pressure from some influential persons.  They have also named Sunil Kumar Mohanty of Mukhiguda, Somu alias Siddhant Nayak son of Rudra Nayak of Rengali Irrigation project, Jitu alias Rohit Padhi and Laba Sahu as the abductors of their daughter.  They have prayed for her immediate release from the clutch of the abductors before the high court. Besides the high court has also denied giving bail to another culprit who had earlier arrested by the Cuttack womens police station cops for forcibly establishing sexual relation with a girl and then filming an obscene C.D. on her about their sexual escapades and mentally torturing her and her family. 

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