Central University of Odisha organized symposium on Relationship between Yogic Practices and Life Goals
Friday, February 17, 2017
Central University of Odisha organized symposium on Relationship between Yogic Practices and Life Goals
Report by Nishapati Nayak, Sunabeda: A two days Symposium on ‘Relationship between yogic practices and life goals’ was held at the permanent campus of the Central University of Orissa, Sunabeda on 16-17 Feb, 2017. The Symposium was organized by the dept. of Teacher Education of the University. Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, inaugurated the programme and delivered the inaugural speech. Prof. Prakash Ch. Swain, VSSUT, Burla, Sambalpur was the resource person on this occasion. 

Prof. Mohanty in his inaugural addressed cited the importance and benefit of yoga to the students. He motivated the students and faculty to practice yoga in their daily life. He said “Yoga has a diverse range of things that it can offer. It could be said that a primary goal of yoga is to gain balance and control in one’s life. To provide a sense of calm that comes from the practice of yogic exercises. Yoga frees the mind from the negative feelings caused by the fast pace of modern life”. He stressed on the need of daily practice of yoga for a healthy body and mind.

Prof. Swain demonstrated various positions (asana) of Yoga and explains the benefit of yoga along with its important to lead a healthy and peaceful life. He said “practice of yoga installs optimism within you. It helps you to focus better and overcome any obstacles in your way while on your road to perfect health, spiritual contentment, and total well being. Yoga will teach you that the goal of every individual’s life should be to take the inner journey inside one’s self”. “Yoga helps to achieve perfect harmony between mind and body, and it lead to achieve total balance and control. When our physical state is not perfect, this causes an imbalance in our mental state. The practice of yoga helps us to overcome that imbalance” Prof. Swain added.

Dr. Ramendra Kumar Parhi, HoD of Dept. of Education delivered the welcome address. Ms. Sobha Sankura and Shri Bidubhusan Mukharjee, trainee teachers of department compared the programme. Students and faculty members of the University were present at a large in this occasion. 
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