Western Odisha Community of UAE celebrates Puspuni 2017 In Dubai
Monday, January 09, 2017
Western Odisha Community of UAE celebrates Puspuni 2017 In Dubai
Report by Minakshi Tripathy; Dubai: After the hugely successful ‘NUAKHAI BHETGHAT’ organised at Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 7th of October, 2016, in which Rangabati Singer Shri Jitendra Haripal performed the iconic song LIVE for the first time outside India, the Western Odisha Community of UAE is celebrating ‘PUSPUNI’ on the 13th of January, 2017.

‘PUSPUNI’ is an annual festival observed by the people of Western Odisha. This festival is observed on the Puni (Full Moon in English) day of the Month of Pus (Pausha in Sanskrit). It derives its origin from the age-old Agrarian culture of the land. Basically, it is an annual occasion wherein the farmer families celebrate their annual harvest of paddy. It has given rise to a great tradition of celebration by other communities too. People of Western Odisha, irrespective of their economic occupation feast, sing and dance, and rejoice in giving away on this day.

‘PUSPUNI’ will be celebrated in the United Arab Emirates in a grand way by organising a day long outdoor celebration. Resident Odias of UAE and their children will be attending this celebration and will be treated to a special lunch which will have traditional flavour. There will be games for children and adults and it will be an occasion to bond with each other.

This year’s celebrations have acquired special significance because the community has invited Padmashree Haladhar Nag to join them at Dubai. Padhmashree Haladhar Nag needs no introduction to the people of Odisha. He is popularly known as ‘Loka Kabi Ratna’ and is an accomplished poet and writer in Kosli language. He has barely attended school, but five scholars have based their PhD Research on him. 

The Western Odisha Community of UAE is celebrating Puspuni by organising day long fulfilled picnic in Al Barsha Pond Park in Dubai with traditional food and lots games and other activities for the families of Western Odisha people.
In the evening live poetry recitation will be done by Padhmashree Haladhar Nag in event called Aroma of Literature and it will be an poetic evening with legend followed by dinner. Everyone who is attending this event in the evening will given a personally autographed book of Padhmashree Haladhar Nag.
People of Western Odisha residing in UAE are extremely excited listen live poetry from poet and legend from their own motherland and its like they are visiting their homeland to attend any event like this.
The Western Odisha Community feels extremely proud that the first ever foreign trip undertaken by this legendary personality will be to the UAE. The community is enthused by the fact that an accomplished, gifted and widely decorated poet and writer will be celebrating PUSPUNI with his own people, residing in a faraway land.

Details of Puspuni Celebration Events in Dubai is as follows:
Day Event : Puspuni Picnic in Dubai 2017
Date : 13th January 2017, Friday
Time : 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Venue : Al Barsha Pond Park, Dubai

Evening Event : Aroma of Literature - An poetic evening with Legend
Date : 13th January 2017, Friday
Time : 6:00 PM onwards followed by Dinner
Venue : SP Jain Auditorium, Dubai
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