Adani DAV organised 'Millennium Vision'
Monday, January 09, 2017
Adani DAV organised 'Millennium Vision'
Dhamra: A Two day science and art fair named ‘Millennium Vision’ was organised in Adani DAV Public School at Dhamra Port periphery. The primary aim of this programme was to develop interest in the field of science and art among the rural students. 

The initiative taken by Adani Dhamra port has been highly praised by the students, teachers and Parents. The Science and art Fair was formally inaugurated by Shri Pravat Kumar Mishra CSR Head, Dhamra Port on 7th January 2017. Around 110 students took part in the fair and showcased around 43 models. 

The demonstrated models were designed on importance of solar energy in the modern society, role of Port in socio-economical development, prediction of earthquake and modern ambulance services etc. Thousands of students of more than 10 schools of Port periphery and parents visited the stalls and gathered information and knowledge about various areas of science and art craft. 
Shri Subrat Tripathy, Chief Executive Officer, Adani Dhamra Port highlighted the students about the dedication of scientists towards the world of science. Shri Tripathy also praised the organizing members for taking interest in organizing such educational and informative programme in the Port. Principal, DAV Public School Shri Prafulla Kumar Mohanty convened the programme.

It may be noted here that, Adani Foundation has taken several initiatives in the field of education at its periphery area like scholarships for students, basic computer education to students and providing educational aid to periphery schools and colleges. Apart from this, the foundation has also taken initiatives for the development of rural infrastructure, social livelihood development and health sector.  
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