Writer Ramakanta Das's new book "Biju Patnaik: A Legislative Biography" to be released soon
Friday, October 28, 2016
Writer Ramakanta Das's new book
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, New Delhi: Writer Ramakanta Das’s new book “Biju Patnaik: A Legislative Biography” to be released soon. The Book written on the occasion of Biju Patnaik’s Birth Centenary- 1916-2016.

It should be noted that late Shri Biju Patnaik lived 31 years of his eventful life [from 5th March, 1916 to 15th August 1947] during the British Raj and remaining period of 50 years [from 15th August 1947 to 17th April 1997] in independent India. He started his public life as a freedom fighter and culminated it as a distinguished national leader and statesman. 

Needless to say that the people of Odisha always have unconditional love, adoration and admiration for their legendary leader, statesman and freedom fighter Late Shri Biju Patnaik. During his life time itself he etched an indelible image for himself in the heart and mind of each and every Odia. No wonder that he was repeatedly elected to the Parliament and State Assembly during his long legislative and political career spanning almost half a century.

 While giving a comprehensive account of Biju Patnaik as a Parliamentarian in this book, the Author has also given some important facts about the gradual evolution of the Parliament of India as the most important democratic institution. He has also given a brief historical background about the gradual evolution of the present Parliament since the Company Rule and the British Raj in India.

 The book throws enough light on the composition and function of the legislative bodies that existed before independence. Incidentally the present Parliament House was also the venue of the pre-independent Central Legislative forums for about 20 years during the last phase of the Raj. 

 The book also contains the extracts of the speeches of Biju Patnaik delivered on the floor of Parliament during his terms as an M.P and as Central Minister. Going through his speeches is highly enlightening, inspiring and informative in very many ways. His impressive legislative profile and the essence of the speeches made on diverse issues will give a glimpse of the mind of Biju Patnaik as an extraordinary leader and a Parliamentarian par excellence.
. The book has put in place a host of facts and figures from the recent political and legislative history of India and tried to integrate them with the workings of the Parliament of India as well as the biography of Biju Patnaik as a Legislator. Hence the book is titled as ‘Biju Patnaik-a legislative biography’. There are 27 Chapters [About 350 pages] in the book along with a Foreword by the Author.

Author’s Biography
Ramakanta Das is a Joint Secretary in Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Parliament of India. He joined the Parliament as an officer after receiving his Masters in English Literature from Ravenshaw College. 

     Having had the privilege to work in India's Parliament for many years, he is well versed in its functioning, practices and rules of procedures. He also had significant exposure in the multinational legislative forum of the European Parliament, having participated in an Exchange Program between Indian and the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. He studied the practice and procedures of British Parliament at the Royal Institute of Public Administration (RIPA), London.
He is also a widely published Indian poet in the English language. To his credit he has published a collection of six books in English poetry. He is a recipient of the Kalinga Literary Award for Literature and Culture.  Ramakanta is a native of the district of Kendrarara, Odisha.

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