Woman and child development deptt launched e-Pragati
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Woman and child development deptt launched  e-Pragati

Bhubaneswar: The state woman and child development department today launched the first phase of Project e-Pragati.

The woman and child development minister launched the application, along with the new citizen charter of the department as www.wcdorissa.gov.in.

The project involves tracking down each and every pregnant and nursing mother in the state.

The project would also make use the childrens' (0-5) data base of the school and mass education flagship project e-shishu.

The first phase of e-pragati was to give a unique code to the 41,000 odd anganwadi centres in the state.

The second phase would be to attach each and every beneficiary of WCD like 5,00,000 mothers and 38,00,000 children to the anganwadi code, which would enable the department to monitor the beneficiaries through its various centres located at the villages.

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