Gehana Vasisth goes nude – dedicates her nude photographs to Mary Kom
Thursday, August 09, 2012
Gehana Vasisth goes nude – dedicates her nude photographs to Mary Kom

Report by Santanu Ganguly, New Delhi: Controversial model Gehana Vasisth has gone nude. And has dedicated her stark naked photographs to creating awareness - out of the ensuing controversy of course – for better training facilities and support for Indian sports persons. Said Gehana Vasisth who was incidentally supposed to surrender to the Pune police today, “I have dedicated this shoot and my nude photographs to creating awareness for Indian sports persons, so that they get better training and support facilities.

The US and China have won so many gold medals. India has still to get a single gold. At this stage, it looks like India will have to be satisfied with just bronze medals. This is due to corruption and lack of proper training facilities and financial support to our sports persons. I know this will create a controversy. I request the press and media persons to give this shoot and my nude photographs ample and generous coverage – but not to the shoot or my nude photographs alone, but to the cause behind it.” She has shot 30 exclusive photographs stark naked.

Speaking about her surrender to the police, a defiant and spunky Gehana Vasisth said, “I had made a promise on national television that I will pose nude if India wins Gold at the Olympics. I was trying to delay the Deccan Gymkhana matter for a few days so that I could keep up my promise. However, since the police won’t give me any more time to surrender and have threatened to arrest me from my house, I decided to any way do the nude shoot and dedicate it to my favorite sportsperson Mary Kom hoping and praying that she wins a gold medal for India. The nude photos will be released publicly on Thursday, her publicist Frank Franklyn informed.

With several NGOs demanding her arrest, the Pune police were under great pressure to act in the case. The last nail in the coffin for Gehana was when the Indian Artistes and Actors Forum (IAAF) threatened to move the courts if she was not arrested within 72 hours. The police put tremendous pressure on Gehana, compelling her to decide to surrender on her own.

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