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Mid-day meal schme goes online
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Mid-day meal schme goes online

Bhubaneswar: The Central Government has asked the State Government to put all information relating to the mid-day meal scheme on the website. It has also asked the Government to put the list of the schools on the net where the mid-day meal programme is being carried out.

The net will also display the quantity of foods being stocked at the school godowns and when the schools are getting the food stuffs as well as how many children are being served food. The Centre has also asked the State Government to set up a toll free phone dedicated for this purpose. It has also asked the State to watch whether the children are getting the mid-day meal properly or not.

Hence, the officers will make surprise inspection to the schools to check the quality of foods served to the children. The officers will give a questionnaire to the concerned teachers and they have to answer the same. 
Later the answer sheet will also carry the views of the head masters, cooks, children, parents, members of the Panchyati institutions. Later the report would be submitted to the Government. The State Government is also going to introduce a new system to keep the records and accounts of the mid-day meal scheme.

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