Mizoram to built Tourist Lodge near Serlui B Hydel Project
Monday, July 05, 2010
Mizoram to built Tourist Lodge near Serlui B Hydel Project

Serlui: Pu S. Hiato, Tourism Minister said that proposal to construct a Tourist Lodge near Serlui B Hydel Project is being sent to the Central Ministry for approval.

The Minister was on a two-day visit (2nd & 3rd July, 2010) to Tourists Lodges being constructed by Tourism Department at various locations in Kolasib District and also at Lengpui village. The Minister thoroughly inspected the Highway Restaurant and the two new Tourist Cottages being constructed at Thingdawl, Kolasib Tourist Lodge which is also still under construction, the Bairabi Tourist lodge accomodating 14 beds along with dormitory and another six-bedded Lodge being constructed nearby. The Minister told the contractors to speed up their work with quality and warned that the Government would not hesitate to terminate their contract if the works are not up to the mark.

The Minister also visited the Vairengte Tourist Lodge which is has been renovated since 2008 with an estimated cost of Rs. 45 lakhs, and warned the contractor for slow work progress and told him to complete the construction by August 15, 2010. Vairengte Tourist Lodge was first inaugurated in 1991, and it has now been renovated to give it a facelift to attract tourists from outside the state. Tourist Lodges at Vairengte, Kolasib and Bairabi will all be air-conditioned.

The Minister also inspected the two tourist lodges being constructed near Lengpui Airport, these two Lodges are expected to accommodate 32 beds and constructions works are in full swing and are expected to be completed in a short time.

The Minister also inspected other projects being undertaken by his departments ( PHE and Industries Departments) in the District. He visited a pump house near Tuichhuahen river which feeds the Kolasib Town as the main source of water supply and discussed with the Department officials the water problems faced by Kolasib as a result of breakdown of diesel engine which is being used by the water pumping machine. The Minister instructed Department officials to acquire new machine as early as possible. The Minister also instructed the officials to replace the obsolete pumping machine at Vairengte with a new one.

The Minister also visited water pump house at Kawnpui village.

In response to grievances and concerns expressed to him by the people of Bairabi regarding water problems, harnessing of Chengkawl river water, replacement of obsolete PHE water pipes, large water tanky at Bairabi Railway Station and water supply to IR Batallion at Zophai, the Minister assured them that the Department will take steps in the best interest of the people of Bairabi.

In Bairabi, the Minister visited Sena Clipping Cluster, started by Pu K.Lalhmingthanga, Republic Veng Aizawl with the help of the State Government. The Minister also visited the Modern Brick Industry, established in 2007 by Pu Lalfamkima, Aizawl with loan finance from NEDFi with a sum of Rs. 39 lakhs,
all the employees of the industry are Mizos and the industry can produce 3,60,000 bricks in 48 hours, Pu Lalfamkima told the Minister that even at this rate of production, the industry still can not meet the brick demands of Mizoram.

The Minister also visited CeeKee Bamboo and Wood Product at Thingdawl, this firm has been established by Pu Lalthanpuia, Aizawl through the Bamboo Development Agency, with the cost of Rs.12 lakhs. Bamboo and Wooden furnitures of high and fine qualities are produced here.

The Minister was accompanied by Pu H. Zothangliana, Parliamentary Secretary, Tourism etc., Pu Vabeiha Hlychho, Director Tourism, Pu Jim K. Chozah, Director I&PR, Er. Vanlallianzuala, CE PHE, Pu Lalruata Sailo, SE PWD, Industries Department Officers and several other officials from concerned Departments.

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