Night in Bhubaneswar speaks on homeless matter
Thursday, February 02, 2017
Night in Bhubaneswar speaks   on homeless matter
Report by Bhaskar Pradhan, Bhubaneswar :  In a bid to sensitize the different stake holder for  the wellbeing of  homeless people   International Human right  organization  named action aid, peoples vision of the city, Center for child and women development (CCWD) and BJB autonomous college(Department of  MA in JMC) with a joint collaboration   a photo exhibition  titled Night in Bhubaneswar  exhibited here today  at Jayadev Bhawan. 

Smt. Kasturi Mohapatra Chairperson of odisha state commission for protection of Child rights, Sandip Chachra Advisor – Homeless, with Commissioner of Supreme Court, New Delhi, Principal of BJB College  prof.Nawaz Hassen, HoD Dr. Nalini patra, Dr.Dipa Prasad from  UNFPA, Regional Manager of Action aid  Debabrta Patra,Programme manager Ghasirm Panda,CCWD secretary Sadasiv Swain attended as guest.
 In this Photo exhibition more than 70 photos were exhibited. This was very exclusive and pathetic. 
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