Odisha: 7th Patha Utsav Dedicated for Freedom Fighters of Nation
Sunday, January 08, 2017
Odisha: 7th Patha Utsav Dedicated for Freedom Fighters of Nation
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Bhubaneswar: The dancers on the main stage at Path Utsav today performed with flags of tri-colour in their hands to spread the essence of patriotism among participants. The 7Th Bhubaneswar Path Utsav dedicated for the freedom fighters of nation. The Jacson Dance Group of Jajpur performed dances with themes of nationalism flavour. The songs were dedicated to the freedom fighters of nation who gave up their lives for the sake of our country. 
Fusion of Modern and traditional dances touched heart of audience at master canteen end. A R Rehman’s Jay ho..dance compelled the audience spring their body in joy. 
National Youth Day
If You Win, you can Lead…If loose, You can Guide. At the approach of Nation Youth Day, the volunteers of PECUS were seen with placards with the messages of Swami Vivekanda in the 7Th Path Utsav. Volunteers of PECUS organised an awareness drive with Swami Vivekanand’s messages.
Magic for peace:
French volunteers and members of Master Peace organization organised Magic for Peace programme. A number of interesting magic items were shown by the organizers of Magic for Peace. The volunteers also gave of magic tricks to the viewers. 
Couple Show Game:
The Sunday morning turned a small platform of leisure who gave a little time for gaming. The WISH foundation organised a very funny couple game show programme which remained centre of attraction of a number of couple. 
Drawing and Painting:
The WISH foundation today organised a drawing competition among school children. To encourage the participants the organisations also distributed certificates. Students in a good number participated in the programme.
The pedestrian zone of the Path Utsav today ruled by thousands of pedestrians leaving no space for the cars, bikes and motorised vehicles. From 6 am to 10 am citizens from every corner of the capital city joined at the grand event of Path Utsav in joyful mood. Various social organisations as previous week made awareness activities among participants.
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