Manav Adhyayan Kendra (MAK) in Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav
Sunday, January 01, 2017
Manav Adhyayan Kendra (MAK) in Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav
Bhubaneswar: “H.O.P.E (Habit Of Personal Empowerment)” was the theme of Manav Adhyayan Kendra (Centre for Human Resource Development) participating in Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav on 01.01.17. This is a new year gift to public to raise their hope to lead a happy life by preventing and managing all our stress. Details on this were explained to public by the associates of MAK. Some innovative games were organised to help them to understand and analyse their creativity, self confidence and analytical skills.  

Facility was given for the people to write about their worries and drop in the “Drop Box” for free counselling and life enriching tips.

Display boards were reflecting the process for enriching life with HOPE to be peaceful, joyful and meaningful. Leaflet on life enriching tips were distributed. People could smile after the positive interaction with the associates. This was an innovative approach of MAK for reaching out to public with a hope to empower their hope.
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