Uniquely Celebration Of New Year At A Dark Hamlet
Sunday, January 01, 2017
Uniquely Celebration Of New Year At A Dark Hamlet
Report by Pratap Pradhan, Bhubaneswar: When  New year celebrated with high budget at different clubs and hotels  a New Delhi based social organization ASSRA which is work for socially and financially backward people celebrate with a noble thinking with the help of some city based eminent social activists Sushanta Sahu, Sripati Acharya, well-known artist Panchanan Samal and centurion blood donor Gopimohan Patnaik,pratapchandra pradhan headmaster pabitra mohan Nayak at a dark Hamlet, Kandalei with in the dense forest of Chandaka Damapara elephant sanctuary particularly of Kolha community children.
 Organization distribute ballons,chocolates and Biscuits, for them. For such types unique thinking and activities the different social organizations of Odisha highly praised. The local people and leaders welcome the organization for further such types of activities in different locations of that area. 

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