Children show the way for a safe Deewali in Berhampur
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Children show the way for a safe Deewali in Berhampur
Berhampur: Children in slums started celebrating Deewali in a different way and spirit. They celebrated this with various other interesting things like rangoli competition, lightening candle in their slums. 

Looking at the harmful impacts of crackers and other fire products on humans and environment people use during deepawali they use safe and healthy activities to celebrate the festival of peace and prosperity added Sruti Sahu of Raghupati Nagar. Every year many people injured and our environment become pollute due to the a large number of people use harmful fire products. So they decided to celebrate this in a peaceful manner and spread the message across the mass that celebrates this Deewali in a safe and healthy manner so that happiness not becomes sorrowful.  This also saves a lot of money that can be used for other important purposes Subhasree Das added. 

Through the media and other medium they appealed people make this festive of peace and prosperity making it safe and healthy without fire and crackers. 

The Children’s federation members decorated the streets with colourful rangolis. Rangolis were drawn with interest among them and in the evening they lighted up candles in and around these rangolis  in Dhimira Bauri Street, Raghupati Nagar Canal Street, Phulosundari Street, Lajipalli Goudabandha Street and Gramdevati Bauri Street, children's federation members organized different programs to celebrate this Deewali. 

YSD has been working to 'make Berhampur a child friendly smart city' and to ensure government should provision basic services to the children living in urban poverty and ensure children participation in city planning, governance and development. Child club members such as Liza Das, Smurti Kumari Sahu, Amit Das and Puja Das took active participate and from YSD Chandan Sahu, Abhiram Kanhar Susmita Behera, Bala Das, Pinki Das Kanya Kumari Das facilitate child federation members.
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