Orissa: Well-known Kalua Jatra begins in silk city
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Orissa: Well-known Kalua Jatra begins in silk city

Report by Ronalisa Parida, Berhampur: With coloufully decorated portals and beautifully made idols of Maa Durga for Navaratri festivals the silk city has also begun to celebrate the 15 day festival of Maa Kalua at Gosaninuagaon here on Tuesday midnight.

After making strides in every strict and being worshipped in each and every house at the midnight the goddess Kalua has been taken to the Bada Sahi temple of Gosaninuagaon on early morning where the festival will be occurred.

Beginning from Mahalaya the famous festival of Maa Kalua popularly known as Kalua Jatra is being celebrated till Kumar Purnima (the full moon of Aswina) in the Southern part of the city. Every year the area of Gosaninuagaon becomes full of crowd as thousands of people visits the place to adore the goddess.

The hundreds of year festival has been controlled by the local people of Gosaninuagaon with organizing cultural programs, Bhajan Samarohas and melody shows. As per believed by the local people the blessing of Maa Kalua is highly necessary for the establishment of a peaceful society. A visitor Pramod Panda said “This festival not only brings lot of happiness for the people but also strengthens mutual understanding and fraternity among all.”

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